eating-healthy-lose-weightEating the right kind of food is not just for weight loss. Usually, we associate healthy eating to weight loss. The problem there is when the weight is finally gone, we go back to our old ways.

Well, healthy eating extends way after the weight loss. It should really be a way of life. The only way to integrate it in our everyday diet is to eat the right kind of foods. The good news is that we can now eat the right kind of foods without sacrificing taste.

Yummy Staple Foods 

The video pretty much summarizes the kinds of food that are yummy and at the same time fat burning.

“I want to take you through some of my favorite eating staples from breakfast, to lunch, all the way to dinner. Let me show you some nice snacks in between.”

While we had thought all along that it was impossible to eat and lose weight at the same time; eating the right kind of foods can actually hasten the weight loss.

Berries, Onions, and Mushrooms

“Some of the foods I’m gonna show you fall under this category called B.O.M. What that stands for is berries, onions, and mushrooms. And basically those foods specifically restrict the blood flow to your fat cells. So in essence, it’s like putting a chokehold on your fat cells and starving them so that they can’t absorb fat from your foods as much.”

Apparently, that’s going to make us thinner.

Start The Day Right

Starting the day right means starting it with a yummy cup of oatmeal. Rolled oats are better than just the regular oatmeal.

“I like to start my day with oatmeal for several different reasons. Not only is oatmeal healthy for your heart. it reduces cholesterol. Because it’s a hundred percent whole grain, it’s actually going to sit with you for a little bit longer. It’s not going to make you feel heavy and sluggish. But you’re going to feel less hungry.”

Putting a couple of berries into a cup of oatmeal just makes it a perfect breakfast meal.

Drink Your Vegetables

Juicing the vegetables is one refreshing way to gulp down nutrients. It can also keep the tummy full and satiated. Keeping the tummy full is one healthy way to stay way from junk food. It will lessen the temptation for craving certain foods.

“ … my must-do everyday staple. It is my green fighting machine juice. I love juicing because you’re able get the nutrients out of all these fruits and vegetables that you normally wouldn’t be able to eat like in one seating all at once.”

I agree. I would really rather drink than eat my vegetables.

Drink Lots and Lots Of Water

Drinking lots of water during the day can help flush out the toxins at the same time, keep the tummy full. For some folks that don’t like drinking water, the video recommends a drink that’s called a Fat Flush. The Fat Flush is composed of the following:

  • ½ grapefruit
  • ½ cucumber
  • fresh mint leaves
  • water

Just mix everything together to create a yummy Fat Flush.

There’s really no need to go back to the old, unhealthy habits if we can learn to eat the right kind of foods. The good things is that we can actually enjoy the right kind of foods because they can all be put together to make a yummy snack, meal, and drink.



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